Saturday, March 24, 2012

Refrigeration and Air Cnditioning Ebooks

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning  By A.R. Trott & T. Welch (3rd Edition)

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration   By Rex Miller & Mark R. Miller

Air Conditioning Principles and systems An Energy Approach  By Edward G. Pita

Ashrae Pocket guide for Air Conditioning, Heating , Ventilation , Refrigeration (inch pound edition)

Enginnering Thermodynamics  By R.K. Rajput

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology  By Bill Whiteman, Bill Johnson, John Tomczyk, Eugene Silberstein

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning , 40 lectures from IIT Khargpur
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning  By W.F. Stoecker & J.W. Jones

 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning  By A.R. Trott & T. Welch (4th Edition)


Handbook of Air Conditioning And Refrigeration  By Shan K. Wang

Applied Thermodynamics for Engineering Technologists By  T.D. Eastop

NPTEL Lecture Videos 

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Automobile E-books

Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics   Download

Automotive Engineering Powertrain Chassis System and Vehicle Body   Download

IIT D course material for Automobile Engineering   Download

Ground Vehicle Dynamics  Download

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 A Text book Of Automobile Engineering by R.K. Rajput

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Energy Audit E-books

Energy management and conservation handbook   Download

Energy management handbook  Download

Handbook of Energy Audits Sixth Edition  Download

Energy Audit E-books  Download

Tribology Probable Question Paper

Tribology E-books

Friction and Lubrication in Mechanical Design  Download

Tribology Data Handbook An Excellent Friction Lubrication and Wear Resource  Download

 Surface Effects in Adhesion Friction Wear and Lubrication Tribology series 5 Download

 Friction,Wear, Lubrication A Textbook in Tribology  Download

Hydrostatic Lubrication Tribology Series Download

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

IFP Probable Question Paper

Download   PDF

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